The region of Abruzzo is located on the Central Eastern side of Italy. Directly East of Rome, just a 1.5 hour drive from Pescara, Abruzzo borders Lazio to the West, Umbria to the North West, Le Marche to the North and Molise to theSouth.


Abruzzo,  "the Green heart of Italy'' is a region that offers the visitor the possibility of passing, over a brief distance of 30 km, from sea to the 3000m high mountains. The inland area is dominated by the Gran Sasso. Further South the Maiella stretches out, the 'Montagna Madre' (Mother Mountain), from which arise luxuriant springs. Because of its georaphy ,with the steep mountains which run down to the calm turquoise warm waters of the Adriatic, the climate is very reliable. Cold harsh winters provides plenty of water through out the year,. Warm pleasant Spring and Autumns with glourious hot,sunny and dry days in the Summer.




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