Welcome to Farmhouses in Italy

A family run business which focuses in luxurious rental accommodation in the naturally outstanding region of Abruzzo along Italy’s glorious Adriatic coast. We pride ourselves in offering our guests clean modern accommodation to suit our ever-changing lifestyles. We believe that time away from your own surroundings and every day chores of life is essential to maintain a well-balanced and healthy life.

Why not spend some of that time in Abruzzo?

A trip to this undiscovered region of Italy will open your eyes. You will be amazed that an area of such beauty is not even on the tourist map. You can indulge in an gastronomic feast of locally produced fare and fine wines at affordable prices, which is very difficult to find in the very busy western tourist regions of Tuscany, Umbria, and Rome …. Yet still take in the culture and history of this amazing piece of Italy. Why not come down, visit us and experience a little taste of la dolce vita.


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